21 March 2016

New Variable Transformer Product Range

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New Variable Transformer Product Range
This new range uses round carbon brushes, riding any imperfections, giving a smoother operation. They are superior to standard rectangular brushes which are fragile, suffer from breakages and cause a rough action over time. The round carbon brush should last the lifetime of the unit, spare carbon brushes are virtually a thing of the past!

The new range of enclosures for single phase variable transformers include many new features. They can be placed upright, or on their back for comfortable adjustment of the control knob. Models rated 1.1A to 9A include carry handle, fitted input lead with UK 13A plug, on/off switch, and easy access terminal box for output voltage options. Models rated 12A to 18A have double carry handles and the same easy access terminal box.

Single phase open style are offered for incorporating into your own equipment/enclosures.

Three phase models are also available, 5A and 12A will be stocked, other ratings can be supplied. Very high current ratings are possible by assembling multiple units. Again there are options for open style and enclosed.

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